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Annual Assembly of SBS (held on May 29, 2023)

The Annual Assembly of SBS was held on Monday, May 29, in the Great Chemical Amphitheater of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade. 62 members of the Society participated in the annual Assembly. After the recognition of the honorary member of the SBS, professor Dr. Miroslav Vrvić held a lecture "Is sustainable sustainable development?". After the end of the professor's lecture, Dr. Bojan Jevtić gave a lecture from the XI BDS Conference "Adjuvant-free animal model for studying CNS autoimmunity".

After the end of the interesting lectures, the agenda of the Assembly continued, during which the annual work report was given and the financial report for 2022 was adopted. Also, the work plan for 2023 was presented. At the end, letters of thanks were awarded to the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Belgrade for long-term cooperation and support in the work of SBS, Dr. Natalija Polović, Dr. Vladimir Mihailović and Dr. Suzana Jovanović-Šanta for organizing the annual SBS Conferences in 2019, 2021 and 2022. as well as a thank you to Dr. Đorđe Miljković for organizing the course "Biochemistry in the service of health" in 2022 and 2023.

At the end of the formal part, a cocktail party was held on the terrace of the Faculty of Chemistry.

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