The bodies of the Serbian Biochemical Society:

  • Assembly,
  • Steering Committee (consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and seven members),
  • Supervisory board
Representative is President of the Society, and in his absence the vice president and secretary of Society.

In order to achieve the objectives of Serbian Biochemical Society, members of the Society may be, in consultation with the Steering Committee, organized on two grounds: (a) establish regional branches (at regional level) and (b) section formed by scientific areas.

The General Assembly is composed of all its members. The Assembly meets regularly once a year. Extraordinary Meeting may be convened at the reasoned proposal of the Board, as well as the initiative of at least one-third of the Assembly members.

The Steering Committee is the executive body of the Society, who ensures the implementation of the objectives set forth in the Society's Statute. The Steering Committee has 11 members elected by the Assembly. The mandate of the members of the Board shall be four years and may be re-elected.

The Supervisory Board controls the legality of the Society, compliance with the Statute, other regulations and their compliance with the statute; it controls the financial and material operations and other tasks in accordance with the law and the Statute. The Supervisory Board is elected by the Assembly. The Board has three members and is elected for a term of four years, and could be reappointed.

Steering Committee of the Serbian Biochemical Society

President: Professor Dr Mihaјlo Spasić, Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”, Belgrade
Vice president: Associate Professor Dr Karmen Stankov, Clinical Centre of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Secretary: Associate Professor Dr Marija Gavrović-Jankulović, Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade
Treasurer: Dr Milan Nikolić, Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade
Members: Dr Đorđe Fira, Biological faculty, University of Belgrade
Dr Ivanka Karadžić, Medical faculty, University of Belgrade
Dr Jelena Kotur-Stevuljević, Faculty of pharmacy, University of Belgrade
Dr Olgica Nedić, INEP, Zemun
Dr Snežana Marković, Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac
Dr Gordana Stojanović, PMF, Nis
Dr Maja Živković, Vinča Institute

Supervisory Board

Dr Gordana Grubor-Lajšić, PMF, Novi Sad
Dr Gordana Matić, Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”, Belgrade
Dr Vesna Niketić, Faculty of chemistry, University of Belgrade

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